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The Keys

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Mystery keys nailed to a waymarker off Worset Lane, Hartlepool

Last week I hauled myself up Worset Lane on my bicycle towards High Volts. It was my first time out since my radial head fracture, so it was a bit of an effort! Part way up the hill is a gate in a hedge with a footpath sign. I decided to get off the road and follow the sign into the field to enjoy the uninterrupted view over Hartlepool and out into the North Sea. At the second waymarker I spotted a set of keys nailed to the top of the post.

I love finds like this. They suggest a story. Who dropped them? Who found them and left them here in plain sight? Did the person come back to search for the keys without luck? Who likes pizza enough to have a pizza keyring? How long have they been here?

Rust is setting in. Time is passing. I will go back again soon and take another photo.

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