My Lunchtime Stroll


This woodland is a five minute walk from where I work on the university campus at Durham City. I took these today during a lunchtime stroll with workmates. I sit on my arse most of the day at work, so having somewhere so lovely to stretch the legs and leave the monitors for a while is a privilege.

My drive to work is 16 miles, half of which is via very quiet B-roads, avoiding the main traffic arteries. It takes about 25 minutes to get to my place of work from home. It’s all good really.

You have permission to slap me if I ever moan about my commute or location of work. I would deserve that slap.

It’s strange, but I have no great desire to bring the ‘big camera’ here, set up the tripod and make more images. There are zillions of great bluebell wood images out there already. I am happy to take a few snaps with a compact and share them with you. Mostly though, I will just be looking.



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