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The Results Are In – Yashica Mat 124G and Ilford SFX 200 Film

Steetley Jetty, Hartlepool

Steetley Jetty, Hartlepool

I received the scans today from my first attempt at using extended red sensitivity film and my Yashica Mat 124G. Only six images were exposed correctly. Of those, three are passable.

What went wrong?

With an R1 filter placed over the taking lens, I believe I underexposed on the first few frames. For one of those frames, the camera jammed too (was it the damp air?)


Vintage Yashica R1 filter

For the remaining six frames I doubled the exposure time to one second. For one of the correctly exposed frames, the sea came in and washed away the sand from underneath the tripod. The result is a blurred image (and wet feet!). One of the scanned frames is corrupted, so I have asked it to be scanned and sent to me again.

There isn’t much of an infra-red effect on any of the frames, but then again, there was no bright sunlight to help achieve this.

What went right

The photograph displayed here went right. I am very pleased with the timing of the wave. The film is a little grainier than I was expecting. This could well be down to the developer used.

Next time I will make fewer errors, but already I am craving greater control over the results. I will process my own negatives next time, and choose the favoured frames, if there are any, to be sent off to be scanned.

What I’d really like for full control is a dedicated medium format film scanner. They aren’t cheap, but I am going to seriously mull it over.


My lovely Yashica Mat 124G

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  1. Hi Chris, this is a wonderful shot, just enough blur in the foreground wave coupled with that view underneath the pier to infinity ………. marvelous. Nice tones throughout, well done.
    I sympathize about the shifting sands, been there many times.

    The learning curve can be so frustrating but oh so rewarding.


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